Must have libraries for blazor

List of most usefull nuget packages for blazor webaseembly

  1. Fluxor - Flux/Redux state machine library
    If you need manage your app state, you have to consider this library, because it based on Flux pattern. It gives not only rules how your data should flow, but also good project structure and helps to stay in clean architecture.

  2. Modal - javascript free library
    Almost any frontend needs modal windows, so there is good option. That it does not based on existed js library is one of advantage, because communication between webassembly and js is not free.

  3. Fluent validator - Fluent Validation-powered Blazor component for validating standard
    Validation is one the most important things in frontend application. The best news, you can reuse validation from your backend easily.

  4. Local storage - A library to provide access to local storage in Blazor applications
    When you need to store some data on client, that can improve application performance. You may consider this kind of storage. And the library can help to interact with that storage.

  5. Mapster - one of the fastest mappers
    I don’t advice to use mappers in frontend, however if you anyway decide to use mapper, try this one because it is the fastest one.

  6. Loading indicator - easy to use loading indicator. For the laziest:)

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